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Our Services

Our Services

The market puts continuous pressure on Companies to invest in Technology to drive business success. We help Organisations find the optimal investment and maintenance spend for your technology requirements, in alignment with strategic objectives. We offer CAPEX spend advisory in regards to architecture optimization and consolidation of vendors and services. We proud ourselves in bringing OPEX savings through SLA, licensing and vendors optimization. Our expert consultants can also build centralized IT Shared Services that will lower back-office costs for the whole Company.
Customisation processes in all markets make the stakeholders’ expectations regarding service quality higher than ever. That applies also to Internal Customers for IT Organisations. We help Businesses implement efficiency and performance management trackers suitable for their Industry and in relation to services offered to various stakeholders, based on their priority and peak-usage timeframes. That enables measuring of the performance of staff, services and solutions, make educated business decisions faster and become more agile in the ever-changing environment.
With all IT Gurus preaching Digitalisation and Cloud, all hands are put on board to join the pursuit of supporting ever-growing business needs with technological solutions. How in this sprint run can an Organisation assure that the benefits promised during business case approval process materialize and help build the desired competitive advantage? Our consultants help Companies align IT project roadmaps with strategic business objectives, provide optimal technology and business requirements, adjust business case building and monitoring processes and if required, manage crucial projects with the use of appropriate methodology. However, we focus on helping Companies define what a successful project means and how to keep all Project Stakeholders focused and committed to achieving that success.
The change in the role of IT Organisation to become the driver of commercial growth strategies or enabler of operational excellence requires a new approach from the CIOs towards the internal processes and capacity building within IT organization. With highly skilled IT professionals being a very desired commodity in the globalized markets, it becomes more difficult and more expensive to keep the best resources engaged and loyal. We adjust business processes, so they are leaner, more automated and require the involvement of IT personnel into creative rather than reactive functions, and that helps to build engagement and loyalty. We offer advisory regarding talent management and career development for IT Professionals as well as help for Organisations to provide training for their staff.

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