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Asset/Cost Management

Asset/Cost Management

Carrel provides upstream oil and gas companies with asset and cost management software and infrastructure. Our systems are ideal because they can handle the complexities of the industry associated with asset and cost management. The systems can handle:

  • Operations/Volumes Management: Keep track of your reservoir and transit volumes by using highly capable systems that can track your complete operations
  • Business Intelligence: Generate information from data on market conditions, operational planning, forecasts and trends using our software suits for more effective operations
  • Regulatory Reporting: Prepare accurate and regular reports for internal use and for submission to industry regulators. Our systems will cut the cost and effort needed to prepare reports of interest to stakeholders and regulators.
  • Reserves Management: The challenge of reserves management in the oil and gas industry is significant because a lapse in the maintenance regime can lead to catastrophic losses. Our reserves management systems provide decision support to both the commercial and technical teams to ensure that the company operates using world-class standards.
  • Wellcore: We can help you to improve your decision-making capabilities during well core construction and management in the life your oil and gas project to cut your operational costs. Carrel Technologies Ltd. provides Wellcore®, which is an integrated well core management suite that provides decision support functions. The suit integrates with other oil and well information management systems such as accounting systems, accounting for expenditure (AFE) programs, and other well core modules such as geology, drillings, and completions.

Carrel continues to partner with the best upstream companies in implementing cutting edge technology solutions for both upstream and downstream oil companies.

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