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Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Big Data & Analytics Solutions

With growing volumes and varieties of data flowing at increasing speed, organizations need a fast and easy way to harness and gain insights from their big data sources. Big Data & Analytics is a technology-enabled strategy for gaining richer, deeper, and more accurate insights into customers, partners, and the business and ultimately gaining competitive advantage.

By processing a steady stream of real-time data, organizations can make time-sensitive decisions faster than ever before, monitor emerging trends, course-correct rapidly, and jump on new business opportunities. For example, Big Data & Analytics can help business units to monitor customer churn rates (customer turnover) in real time. This allows businesses to take timely action before customers actually churn.

Carrel develops tailor-made predictive, churn and guided analytic solutions leveraging our industry knowledge and market-place challenges. We believe that analytics should go beyond just reporting and should guide top executives to the right decisions and actions and support a better work organization across your branch network.

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